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Many Seattle security companies are happy to provide the best service when you first hire them. But gradually over time, you notice that the service starts to slide. Less dependable security officers are sent your way. You find it harder to contact management. You begin to start looking for a new security service provider.

At Seattle Security Services, it is our goal to never let this happen. If you have been with us for a while, you are even more deserving of getting 100% from us. Our long-term clients have made us what we are, and we value them.

Because customer service is so important to us at Seattle Security Services, we provide direct phone access to management every day, all day, 365 days a year. We are always “on call.”

Because providing premium service is core to our values, we supervise our security officers in the field. Our random checks include both physical checks and cell-phone checks.

Our Approach To Hiring

You deserve security officers that have been thoroughly screened before they walk onto your property. If an applicant passes our review of their employment questionnaire, Seattle Security Services conducts a comprehensive pre-employment screening.

  • Prior work history—verified.

  • References—must be more than “Yes, he/she worked here.”

  • Criminal background check—must be 100% clean.

  • Credit check—rating must be good or better.

  • Drug test—must pass as completely clean.

  • DMV check—must have a clean driving record.

You deserve security officers that enjoy their work. Seattle Security Services is committed to keeping our employees happy.

  • Competitive pay within the industry.

  • Benefits.

  • Regular hours.

  • On-going training.

You deserve a security officer that knows how to handle emergencies. Seattle Security Services makes sure that our officers are First Aid and CPR certified. Our training also includes training in crowd control.

You deserve a security company that provides thoroughly trained security personnel. Seattle Security Services provides state approved training at two levels. A state certified trainer provides the classroom instruction needed so our security officers pass the Private Security Guard Pre-assignment Test. We focus on:

  • The basic principles of security

  • The legal powers and limitations on those powers security officers possess.

  • The emergency responses appropriate to different situations

  • The ways to prevent accidents and enhance safety

  • The elements and structure of reports

Then we provide on-the-job training in the field. By the time, one of our security officers begins working with you, he/she will have proven capabilities, not just a license.

Seattle Security Services is fully bonded and insured in the state of Washington.